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Why Carbon?

The Carbon Connection

The Carbon Connection

For more than twenty years, Drucker Labs has focused on innovation, research, and development, resulting in our unique Carbon-bond Technology. Our technology combines important nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and amino acids with organic carbon. Just like a key fitting into a lock, this connection optimizes their bioavailability. Meaning, when we eat foods with these combined nutrients, our bodies can use them better, which helps us grow, repair, and stay healthy. Our revolutionary Carbon-bond technology elevates absorption, utilization, and overall effectiveness of nutrients at the cellular level.

Carbon: The Building Block Of Life

Carbon: The Building Block Of Life

Carbon stands as the fundamental cornerstone of life, earning its reputation as the ultimate building block. Our bodies are made of carbon, which is a tiny element found in everything around us. When we consume foods rich in carbon-bonded nutrients, our bodies can effectively absorb and utilize them, fueling growth, repair, and overall well-being. Carbon isn't just a chemical element; it's the anchor that connects our biology, sustains life, and empowers our journey towards optimal health.

Small Particles, Big Impact

Small Particles, Big Impact

Drucker Labs' proprietary Carbon-bond Manufacturing process is a complex procedure that involves binding organic carbon to each mineral and nutrient. Simultaneously, the structure is broken down into smaller particles, re-structured, and polymerized to carbon. The result is a transformation where 100% carbon-bonded minerals and nutrients mimic the "living matter" that constitutes our bodies. This includes components like Methyl's Aromatic Protonates, Heterocyclics, Carbonyls, Carboxyl's, Quinones, Ketone-Ketene-like Carbonyls, and Ester groups.

How Carbon-bond Technology Functions Within Your Body

Step 1

Over time, synthetic and inorganic chemicals can accumulate and pollute our body's cells. The image shows intestines or fatty tissues with harmful synthetic substances (waste) not produced naturally.

Step 2

100% Proprietary Organically-bound Carbon-bond Technology has a natural affinity for inorganic (harmful) waste within the cells.

Step 3

Our Carbon-bond Technology supports the body in neutralizing inorganic waste while simultaneously introducing 100% Organically-bound nutrients into the cells.

Step 4

The body's cells are now readily supported to release and cleanse inorganic waste/toxins (via urine, skin, and colon).

Doctor-Approved, Review-Proven: A Winning Combination!

"I am very impressed with the quality and incredible research that has gone into the intraLINE products. I use intraMAX for all my patients as well as for myself. Dr. Drucker has produced a proven winner!"

- Dr. J. Schwartz, ND

"intraMAX is by far the best nutritional supplement on the market! Because nutrition is integral for the best outcomes, I recommend it for ALL my patients. I take it myself and feel that it provides a great basis for overall well-being."

- Dr. C. Monahan, DC

"I looked everywhere for a nutritional supplement that would meet my high standards and, with intraMAX, I found it! I've shared my enthusiasm with my patients and now it practically sells itself!"

- Dr. S. Jensen, MD