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Innovating Beyond The Competition

Drucker Labs proprietary Carbon-bond Technology™ is the result of 20+ years of research, development, testing and analysis.

Over 20+ years Drucker Labs has established itself as an innovative leader and manufacturer of a complete line of 100% Organically bound liquid dietary supplements for both children and adults. Dr. Drucker has perfected the selection of 415+ essential nutrients to create an impressive line of 100% Organically bound liquid nutritional supplements that are recommended by Health Care professionals all over the world. Offering 415+ specifically sourced nutrients elevate DL products beyond its competitors in both QUANTITY and QUALITY.

Proprietary Manufacturing (known as Carbon-bond Technology) delivers Rapid Infusion and Maximum Absorption of ALL Drucker Labs' products, BEYOND the Competition.

Drucker Labs proprietary Carbon-bond Technology™ is the result of 20+ years of research, development, testing and analysis. This technology is a unique and proprietary technology which rapidly infuses 100% Organically bound nutrients in the body's cells in a matter of seconds while simultaneously cleansing toxins from extra-cellular space, interstitial fluid and fatty tissue.

Drucker Labs' intraLINE products contain 100% Organically bound Carbon, making them a near "perfect tissue match" with our body's cells and tissues. This near perfect similarity in the bio-chemical structure of DL's Carbon-bond Technology enables nutrients to have rapid systemic absorption, optimal bioavailability and maximum utilization of nutrients at the cellular level. The "building blocks" of the technology are simple; all living cells and tissues are made of Organic Carbon, as opposed to inert or synthetic matter which primarily contain inorganic (toxic) Carbonate.

Our Carbon-bond Technology

Drucker Labs Proprietary Carbon-bond Technology allows for Rapid Infusion and Maximum Absorption of its nutrients, BEYOND its competition.

Drucker Labs has dedicated 20+ years to innovating, researching, and developing a proprietary Carbon-bond technology for use in nutraceuticals for superior absorption, bioavailability, and utilization at the cellular level. DL has a complete line of liquid dietary supplements for adults as well as children. Carbon-bond Technology is a state-of-the-art ultra-tiny particle-based delivery system.

Essentially, Carbon-bond Technology is designed to help the body digest and absorb trace minerals and other nutrients in the way that nature intended - bonded with Organic carbon as you would find in high quality fruits, vegetables, meats and other natural foods. Sadly, modern farming practices typically deprive these foods of their Organically Carbon bonded trace mineral content. That's why intraMIN, intraMAX® 2.0 and intraKID 2.0 are becoming more and more necessary for maintaining a healthy balance of vitamins, minerals, and other vitally important nutrients within the human body.

In more detail - During DL's proprietary Carbon-bond Manufacturing process, Organic Carbon is attached and bound to each (and every) mineral and then to each and every nutrient. It is simultaneously broken-down into much smaller particles that are re-structured and polymerized to Carbon. The new 100% Carbon-bonded minerals and nutrients now consist of the same "living matter" (material) that we are made up in the form of: Methyl's Aromatic Protonates, Heterocyclics, Carbonyls, Carboxyl's, Quinones, Ketone-Ketene-like Carbonyls and Ester groups.

The result - DL products Carbon Bond Technology is the most powerful intra-cellular rapid infusion and absorption technology in the liquid nutraceutical industry, propelling its proprietary nutraceuticals BEYOND the competition.

Below is an illustration of how Carbon-bond Technology works within the body to release both intra-cellular and extra-cellular toxins while simultaneously infusing 100% Organically-bound nutrients.

How Our Carbon-bond Technology Works Within The Body

Step 1

Synthetics and inorganic chemicals can slowly accumulate over time and pollute the body's cells. This image shows the intestinal wall or fatty tissue with harmful inorganic synthetic substances (waste).

Step 2

100% Proprietary
Organically-bound Carbon-bond Technology has a natural affinity for inorganic (harmful) waste within the cells.

Step 3

Our Carbon-bond Technology supports the body in neutralizing inorganic waste while simultaneously introducing 100% Organically-bound nutrients into the cells.

Step 4

The body's cells are now readily supported to release and cleanse inorganic waste/toxins (via urine, skin, and colon).

The intraFRESH™ Process

Drucker Labs' proprietary intraFRESH™ Technology naturally preserves ALL Drucker Labs' products. Our competitors use un-natural preservatives by adding synthetic (toxic) chemicals.

Drucker Labs proprietary intraFRESH™ Technology is the result of 7+ years of research, development, testing and analysis. This technology is leading the nutraceutical world with one of the most promising low molecular weight (and size) Organically-bound proprietary preservation technologies.

After 7+ years of Research and Development Drucker Labs has perfected this critically needed all-natural preservation technology. In December 2022, Drucker Labs was FDA authorized to use intraFRESH™ technology in its liquid dietary supplements as a first of its kind All-natural preservation system.

DL's new preservation technology does not use any chemicals whatsoever. Therefore, there is absolutely no sodium benzoate and no potassium sorbate (harsh/toxic chemicals) in any of Drucker Labs intraLINE products.

Dr. Drucker felt it was necessary to create an All-natural preservation system so as to naturally preserve the critical nutrients, whole foods and superfoods, enzymes, co-enzymes, factors and co-factors that are present in all intraLINE products.

Drucker Labs proprietary intraFRESH™ Technology (All-natural preservation system) has proven to be as therapeutically effective/potent (as compared to synthetic/toxic chemicals) in preventing the growth of Yeasts, Molds, Bacteria's, and the like in trials. It exceeds the 9-month maximum shelf life standard for liquids as required by FDA.


intraFRESH™ Technology is FDA authorized as an All-natural preservation system. DL's intraLINE products are as close to "fresh juicing" as seen anywhere in the world.

ALL DL PRODCUTS ARE FREE OF: Synthetic Chemicals, Flavors, Fillers and Preservatives.

The Cold-Filtering, Cold-Filling Difference

Drucker Labs is uniquely dedicated to a cold-filtering and cold-filling manufacturing process, unlike its competitors.

Drucker Labs proprietary Cold-Filter and Cold-Fill Processing produces 100% Organically-bound nutrients preserving maximum nutritional integrity and potency of each and every nutrient.

Our competitors are "hot filling" (rather than "cold-filling"), heat pasteurizing and adding harsh chemicals required in standard FDA approved preservative systems. Research has proven that "heat destroys" the vital nutritionally rich enzymes, factors and co-factors present inside the nutrients rendering the nutrient hollow (void) of its nutritional constitution.

As such, Drucker Labs has spared no expense in dedicating time and care to a long and difficult proprietary manufacturing process of Cold-Filtering and Cold-Filling all intraLINE products.