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About Drucker Labs

A Leader In Nutraceuticals.
Doctor Researched, Developed and Owned.

Introducing Drucker Labs, a liquid dietary supplement developer and manufacturer located in Plano, Texas. As a leading nutraceutical manufacturer, Drucker Labs has been committed to innovation, research, and development for over 20 years.

Through the integration of premium natural nutrients and our exclusive technology, Drucker Labs has successfully surpassed other liquid nutraceuticals in the industry. Our products are meticulously crafted, manufactured, and preserved using our proprietary technology, which sets Drucker Labs apart from the rest.

Dr. Richard Drucker, M.S., N.D., Ph.D. 

Dr. Richard Drucker, M.S., N.D., Ph.D. 

“Quality is at the heart of everything we do. All of our ingredients are tested rigorously to ensure the superiority and safety of our products. We are deeply committed to meet and exceed the FDA’s highest cGMP Quality Standards.”

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Exclusive Advantages

intraFRESH™ Technology

Rather than relying on harsh chemicals, our proprietary process naturally preserves critical nutrients.

Carbon-Bond™ Technology

Perfected through 20 years of research, our proprietary Carbon-bond Technology helps the body absorb nutrients as nature intended.

Cold-Filtering, Cold-Filling Technology

Heat destroys nutritional elements in our competitors' products. We invented a better way.

Our Company

Since 1999, Health Care Practitioners have turned to Drucker Labs for its comprehensive line of liquid nutritional supplements. These superior, great-tasting formulas contain whole food ingredients and naturally sourced trace minerals.

What makes our products so unique?
Dr. Richard Drucker, a highly respected doctor in the field of natural health, developed intraLINE products using intraCELL Technology. This innovative cold-fill manufacturing process allows ingredients to be enriched organically with naturally sourced fulvic acid and for the ingredients to retain their maximum nutritional value.

All IntraLINE products are:

  • Complete and made from high-quality ingredients.
  • Highly bioavailable, providing fast and efficient absorption.
  • Great tasting, resulting in increased patient compliance.
  • Convenient in one-ounce daily doses and easy-to-take liquid formulas.
  • Hypoallergenic, ideal for those with sensitivities†

intraLINE products are all free of: Wheat, Gluten, Yeast, Dairy, Soy, Nuts, Shellfish.

Also free of: Antibiotics (drugs), Caffeine, Cholesterol, Coatings, Dyes, Egg, Fat, Fillers, Fish, Fish Oil, Harsh Chemicals, Herbicides, Milk, Peanuts, Pesticides, Salicylates, Soybeans.

Our Mission

People. Planet. Purpose.

Most people are deficient in the daily required vitamins and nutrients needed for health and well-being. Our bodies require organically-bound vitamins and other nutrients to help our cells detoxify and function properly. This, in turn, strengthens our immune and nervous systems, increases energy, and slows down the aging process.

For the past two decades, Drucker Labs has been committed to innovating and developing products and manufacturing methods dedicated to solving this deficiency. And then making these products accessible to everyone.

The result is intraLINE, our array of superior quality liquid nutritional supplements. It’s nutrition, the way nature intended.


I have both elderly and young patients who can’t swallow pills, so intraMAX 2.0 is ideal for them. It’s the most complete nutritional supplement I have been able to find on the market and I am extremely impressed with its absorption and bioavailability.

Dr. J. Rogers

I have had MS for years. Nothing has really helped until I tried this product. I will never stop using intraMAX 2.0 and feel it may one day save my life. Thank you, Drucker Labs!

C. West