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Mixed Case
Mixed Case

Mixed Case Orders
This page is for ordering a full case (12 - 32 fl oz bottles) with more than one product type.

*Please note that mixed case orders require a minimum order of twelve (12) bottles.

Item# Item Name Qty Add
MIXED_CASE Mixed Case Order (must select this part # to order a mixed case)
MAX_33_pm_1bt_mix intraMAX 2.0, 32 fl oz, All Natural Peach Mango Flavor (part of a mixed case)
KID_33_rs_1bt_mix intraKID 2.0 , 32 fl oz, All Fruity Natural Raspberry Flavor (part of a mixed case)
MIN_33_tf_1bt_mix intraMIN, 32 fl oz, Tropical Fruit Flavor (part of a mixed case)
MAXUS_33_1bt_mix intraMAX 2.0, 32 fl oz, Naturally Unsweetened (part of a mixed case)
MIN_33_uf_1bt_mix intraMIN, 32 fl oz, Naturally Unflavored (part of a mixed case)
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