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Key Terms

intraCELL Technology
Drucker Labs’ intraCELL Technology is a proprietary cold-fill manufacturing process in which nutrients and minerals are combined with organic carbon from fulvic acid. The result of this technology is a product enriched with organic carbon that is highly bioavailable and efficacious.

Fulvic Acid

Fulvic acid
is a natural soil-derived compound that transports nutrients in plants. Drucker Labs uses this natural carrier as a key component to deliver nutrition to our body’s cells. The fulvic acid used in Drucker Labs’ products offers positive benefits that are not found in other dietary supplements. It supports the body’s ability to eliminate harmful substances, increases the bioavailability of nutrients and minerals, and serves as a source for natural electrolytes and antioxidants.*

Carbon Bond Organic

Carbon Bond Organic
ingredients are the end result from Drucker Labs’ proprietary IntraCELL Technology where minerals and nutrients are combined with previously-depleted organic carbon. The result is that both the nutrients and minerals in our products become highly bioavailable to the body allowing rapid and efficient absorption of ingredients.

Cold-Fill Processing
Cold-fill processing
is a preferred method of manufacturing nutritional supplements which contain natural whole food ingredients. The absence of heat allows the ingredients to retain more of their beneficial properties. In addition, a liquid cold-filled product can eliminate some of the stress on ingredients which can change the ingredients' nutritional properties.

Some manufacturers utilize cold processing for tablets, pills, and capsules. Due to many factors – like difficulty swallowing, dosage amounts, the inconvenience of multiple bottles, expense of inventory, as well as (and most importantly) patient compliance issues – many Health Care Practitioners opt for liquid supplements. Unfortunately most liquid nutritional supplements process with heat because it is easier and cheaper to suspend synthetic chemical nutrients and elements into a solution with heat. The application of heat to a liquid supplement compromises the efficacy and will kill key nutrients such as probiotics, enzymes, co-enzymes among other things.

Drucker Labs’ intraLINE products are cold-processed in liquid form in order to retain the nutritional properties of all our ingredients.

The ORAC assay evaluates "free radical scavenging activity against the peroxyl radical" or the antioxidant capacity of foods and supplements. intraMAX 2.0 has an impressive 45000+ ORAC rating.

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