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Dear Valued Customer,

I wanted to take a few moments to share some insight with you and your patients about how Drucker Labs intraLINE® 2.0 products (intraMAX® 2.0, intraKID® 2.0 and intraMIN®) can help strengthen our Immune Systems and protect us and our families from the COVID-19 pandemic. Please forward this letter along with the linked attachment (intraLINE 2.0: Patient Product Overview) to your patients and to your family for their information and comfort.

Drucker Labs is an organization whose sole business is a focus on health and well-being. We have dedicated the last 20 years to innovating, developing and manufacturing a complete line of superior liquid dietary supplements for Optimal Immune Function. Our proprietary intraLINE 2.0 products are a key Foundation (infrastructure) for immunological strength, resistance and first-line immune defense. This is a key reason why our Cold-fill intraCELL Technology is the most advantageous and efficacious form of nutrition available today.

In our dedication and pursuit, we have pioneered two unique and proprietary technologies - intraCELL Technology® and Carbon-bond Technology® - which separate us from our competition and bring us to the forefront as leaders and innovators in the nutritional industry. These state-of-the-art technologies enable Drucker Labs to provide proprietary Cold-fill processing to deliver the O.D.A. (Optimum Daily Allowance) per serving with over 415 Organically-bound nutrients (intraMAX 2.0) and over 215 Organically-bound nutrients (intraKID 2.0).

The Do’s:
Drucker Labs proprietary Cold-fill intraCELL processing and Carbon-bond nutrients have been Organically-complexed (polymerized) for maximum physiologic bio-compatibility and bio-availability at the cellular level. Why? Our cells and bodies are made up of living Organic (Carbon-based) matter (not inorganic inert carbonate). In other words, the nutrients are bound to Organic Carbon yielding as close to a perfect tissue match to our cells as possible. Biologically, our cells understand how to utilize Organically-bound nutrients because they are made of similar living matter. Thus, the bio-availability, bio-compatibility and physiologic uptake (utilization) at the cellular level is optimum.
The result: unparalleled arsenal of 100% Organically-bound nutrition for optimal Immune System health and strength.

We can help…
We want to support you and your patients in any way we can during this difficult time. We understand the times are stressful and our Immune System needs extra protection, love and support. We believe our intraLINE arsenal can help to strengthen our bodies and our Immune System. We are here to assist and answer any questions that arise regarding our intraLINE 2.0 products and/or patient protocols.

In addition, if your office is closed and you no longer have the ability to provide products directly to your patients, we can offer assistance to allow you to continue to serve your patients' health needs, while still generating income for your practice. How? Your patients have the option to purchase intraLINE 2.0 products directly through Drucker Labs with a seven-digit Patient Access Code (PAC) that we will provide to you. Simply reach out to our Customer Service representatives who can provide you the details of our PAC program and to assist with any help and support you may need.

We can all make it through this challenging time with our best immune defenses in place. Wishing us all a safe and healthy journey together.

Warmest regards,

Dr. Richard A. Drucker

CEO/Founder Drucker Labs