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Dr. Richard Drucker
Dr. Drucker's Story
intraMIN, intraMAX and intraKID: The Genesis     
The story of this life-changing technology and supplement begins at a deathbed.  Richard Drucker was a young boy of 6 years old when his mother began dying.  He watched her slow decline over a period of years as an autoimmune disease which mutated into breast cancer then systemic cancer took its heartless toll.  She died when he was 10 years old, and young Richard had spent over four years watching his mother decline into death.    He witnessed her anguish, her exhaustion, her swollen body wracked with relentless pain and disease, and he could do nothing to ease her suffering.  These were long days for Richard and his mother, as she lay in an impersonal hospital entangled in IV tubes and imprisoned in her own body before finally succumbing to the disease.
Richard not only would recall, but begin to relate to his mother’s suffering when he was struck down his sophomore year in college with an autoimmune disorder involving acute systemic infections combined with acute intestinal dysbiosis, gastritis, malabsorption, fatigue and more. 

Richard had been very active in high school, involved in athletics and extracurricular activities.  Thus, as a freshman in college, he did not understand initially the negative physiologic changes he was experiencing.  The aches and pains that met him in the morning, the enduring bouts of flu and cold episodes that lasted for weeks, then stretched into months.  These symptoms turned into painful and chronic high fevers, exhaustion, edema, allergies, and sensitivities.  He couldn’t know that these symptoms would take him down a very long and very agonizing road of intense and deadly illness that would ultimately lead him to a revolutionary breakthrough in the nutraceutical industry.


During that year in college, Richard only knew that he was struggling daily to keep up with his accounting classmates.  He was now coping with chronic recurring infections, fevers, exhaustion, allergies and a bitter list of other problems while trying to complete his undergraduate degree.  The young man underwent a host of treatments from an array of medical doctors and specialists including infectious disease experts and immunologists, but they had no answers.  Thus, Richard Drucker received his degree without knowing why his health was failing.


A prominent immunologist in North Carolina was finally able to provide Richard with some answers.  Richard’s symptoms mimicked those of many immune and autoimmune disorders and disease.  From an immunological perspective, it appeared as though Richard’s disease might be following the pattern of his deceased mother’s ailment.


Eventually, in his late twenties and early thirties, Richard was confronted with a harsh reality. This strange and rare autoimmune phenomenon was destroying his body and his immune system. It became apparent that Richard’s natural killer cells were attacking his healthy white blood cells.  Intellectually, he could articulate that the suffering felt similar to Lou Gehrig’s disease and M.S. (multiple sclerosis), but emotionally he knew that this disease could possibly take him piece by piece, as it had his mother.


At his lowest point, Richard weighed approximately 135 pounds and was consumed by the pain as the pure and total wasting of his systemic disease progressed.  At times the pain was intolerable, leaving Richard too weak to move.  He began a cycle of pain management, taking pain medication at 8 am and at times remaining on the powerful drugs until bedtime.  It is hard to envision Dr. Drucker as the emaciated and diseased man that he was, at times unable to urinate or defecate by himself, but this was his physical condition when he was given his death sentence—six months to a year to live.


It was in this condition, in the midst of his pain and his solitude, that Dr. Drucker would hear the Linus Pauling tapes that were to change his life and the lives of the thousands who have experienced both intraMIN, intraMAX and now intraKID.


Dr. Linus Pauling had made his impact on the scientific community over a period of decades, being twice-honored with a Nobel Prize and widely considered the founder of molecular biology.  Dr. Pauling had originated the concept of molecular disease and began speaking in the 1930’s about the importance of organically complexed minerals, micronutrients and phytonutrients to promote optimal health and to prevent disease.


Dr. Pauling had spoken before Congress in 1974 about the therapeutic role of vitamin C in disease prevention, and his message was both simple and profound. This categorical statement was made to the 74th US Congress (2nd session) as follows: “Every ailment, every sickness, and every disease can be traced back to an organic mineral deficiency.”


These words deeply touched Dr. Drucker in the midst of his great pain. At this point in his life, he was existing barely on a small social security disability check and food stamps; the future had appeared hopeless until he heard Dr. Pauling’s prophetic words.


Clinging to the words of hope in the midst of his own suffering, Dr. Drucker took Dr. Pauling’s message to several of his colleagues who concurred with Dr. Pauling that certain organically complexed minerals and micronutrients could play a positive role in alleviating some hyper and hypo immunological symptoms and immune aberrances.


Given a glimmer of hope, Dr. Drucker convinced several acquaintances to purchase an array of minerals—bottles of supplements ranging in price from approximately $9 to $35.  Although at times he was too weak to feed or wash himself, Dr. Drucker began ingesting these inorganic colloidal minerals.  


Amazingly, after a few weeks, the doctor began to feel a bit more energetic. However, after approximately three or four weeks of minor progress, the energy began to recede.  Unfortunately, toxicology reports brought grim news: the inorganic colloidal (synthetic, inert, toxic, dead) minerals had created even more toxins in Dr. Drucker’s weakened body.  Physiologically, he now had intoxicated and poisoned himself with inorganic heavy metals. He realized he had not understood the full message of Dr. Pauling’s words—colloidal minerals were not ORGANIC (living, containing carbon) minerals, which was a key piece to the puzzle that Dr. Drucker was working to solve.


At this point, Dr. Drucker entered into his private tunnel.  Previously there were times he had wanted to die, but given some direction and some hope by Dr. Pauling, he now embarked on an independent study of organic chemistry to find out what Dr. Pauling had meant by “ORGANIC minerals”.   Dr. Drucker lost track of time, entering into a twilight land where day and night blended and blurred, while his food, chemical and hyper allergic sensitivities increased to the point where at times he could not tolerate eggs or even water.


Dr. Drucker emerged from his studies with the conviction that carbon was the basis for both life and true organic minerals. With this insight he came to the potential realization that there may not be a dietary supplement or pharmaceutical that contained legitimate organically complexed minerals.  It appeared that the existing supplements on the market were mainly inorganic (toxic, colloidal, inert, synthetic, and insoluble).  Unfortunately, the human body does not rid itself of heavy metal toxicity due to ingestion (exposure) to inorganic (toxic colloidal) mineral supplements.  It is Dr. Drucker’s opinion along with many doctors, bio-chemists, and other experts, that most inorganic mineral (i.e., ionic, colloidal, coral) substances are highly toxic to the body when taken over time.  However, it appeared that these were the products available to the public at that time.


Dr. Drucker learned the three essentials to survival from Dr. Pauling: water, air, and organically complexed minerals, so he embarked upon a quest searching and creating the organic minerals upon which life depends.  He borrowed $4,700 from a friend to fund his journey. He used this initial investment to procure the raw ingredients that he concocted in his bathtub, the ingredients that were to become known as “Substance P.”   Dr. Drucker ingested “Substance P”, using himself as a desperate guinea pig.  Within several hours of consumption, Dr. Drucker felt something—a bit more energy, a bit more hope.  Several weeks and months later toxicology reports confirmed that the systemic heavy metal toxicity levels in the doctor’s body appeared to be declining. More experimentation, more self-medication, and Dr. Drucker started to feel moderately better and to see some of the pain of his chronic and debilitating autoimmune disease begin to abate.


It appeared as though the bathtub mixture had started to detoxify Dr. Drucker, perhaps ridding him of some of the toxic heavy metals that had poisoned him, and relieving him of  some of the autointoxication while his immune system showed some positive signs of strengthening for the first time.


Dr. Drucker, while personally experiencing the amazing results of his concoction, began to refine his mixture, pursuing the ideal blend of Organic Microcomplexed™ minerals. Over more than 20 years, he changed the proprietary blend at least 50 times, refining this revolutionary mixture.  His goal was to create the absolute opposite of the inorganic colloidal suspensions, to create 100% Organic Microcomplexed™ minerals that would polymerize to a host of inorganics that have accumulated in extra-cellular and intra-cellular spaces, interstitial fluid and fatty tissue and allow the body to detoxify via the cytochrome P450 pathways in the colon as well as the urine and skin and rid itself of various inorganic mater that may have accumulated either acutely and/or chronically over time and achieve homeostasis.


With the introduction of intraMAX in 1999, when Dr. Drucker had attached his proprietary Carbon-bond technology to over 415 life-sustaining and vital nutrients, in conjunction with his continuous refinements over the last 20 years, Dr. Drucker has given us a technologically-advanced proprietary blend that serves both a palliative and prophylactic purpose—it may help prevent and relieve some acute and chronic illnesses and disesase.  intraMIN and intraMAX (and now intraKID) may help alleviate the radical advancement of some of the disease process while reversing the damage of toxins and free radicals - all while supplying the body with a host of  critical nutrients, electrolytes, phytonutrients, and much more in a proprietary carbon-bond delivery system.


Dr. Drucker has made a significant contribution to the world of nutraceuticals through the introduction of his 100% Organic microcomplexed™ minerals and nutrients known as Carbon-bond intraCELL™ Technology, but he has done far more than that.


Dr. Drucker has saved his own life and helped thousands of people improve the quality of their own lives through his perseverance and vision. From his mother’s deathbed, Dr. Drucker has risen as a leader in the nutraceutical world.  There will be more research and development to come.


Dr. Drucker has his Masters of Science in Natural Health and Doctorate in Naturopathy as well as a Doctorate in Natural Health with a specialty in natural immunology.  He is a highly respected doctor in the field of natural health and the CEO of Drucker Labs. 

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